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redwood bridal inspiration // elk, california

a few images from a road trip up the coast of california. mollie & i drove through Navarro River Redwoods State Park on our way to Elk, California (still one of my FAVORITE towns on the california coast--someone plz get married there & invite me to photograph it!!). i had found this vintage dress in a thrift store for $15--so i made mollie put it on one afternoon in the woods, we braided her hair and took a few photos with the beautiful redwoods & fern & clovers. 

here's a poem i wrote up in the woods last year: 

the gravity and (the urgency) of the time passing
is sometimes hard for me to holdin these shaking hands.
the weight (of being alive)
presses heavy on my chest.
a hundred pounds, a thousand.
the flowers climb purple up the avocado hill.
the breeze (is the only thing) that makes them seem alive.
i’ve never known how to keep this feeling in the spring,
but (i know) now.
that red plank has held the fence together for two years,
but (i don’t) know if this weary heart can stay any longer.
i only (miss you) when the planes stream by
in the blue sunshine sky and thebirds come out for a midnight song.
(when you’re gone) everything seems different,
but everything’s the same.