How to Choose a Location for your Engagement Shoot

Excited to share a blog post today with a three tips for choosing the perfect location for your engagement photos. Hopefully these can help you get started with the process of thinking through where to have your own engagement session!

1. Think about your interests and personalities

Incorporate who you are into your session. If you love hiking or spending time in the outdoors, consider a park or location where you can get some beautiful landscapes as a backdrop. If you like the city or a more urban feel, think about a nearby city or town with lots of cool buildings to shoot in.

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2. Make a list of your favorite locations as a couple

Was your first date at a cute coffee shop? Do you have a spot that you spent a lot of time together throughout your relationship? This could be a park, a beach, or a downtown area that you think of as your spot. This can be a great place to start when thinking through a location for an engagement session. Having a connection with a certain location can add another layer to your engagement session story. You’ll be able to look back on these images and remember all of the times you spent at this location. 


3. Check in with your photographer!

Once you have done steps one + two, check in with your photographer for their input! They can help you narrow it down to the location based on the time of your session and the season your shoot will be in. If you are feeling stumped, they can also give you a few of their favorite spots for you to start thinking about. They can take your ideas and help you find the perfect location. 


Treat the engagement session like a date night! This session is all about capturing who you are in this moment of being in love, so the more comfortable you feel with your location, the more your unique connection will shine through in your photos. 


Research the location that you are interested in and make sure you have permission to shoot your engagement session there. You may be required to obtain a photography permit or pay a fee to shoot at that particular location. Many Orange County Parks, Beaches, and National Parks require a permit for photography, and it’s helpful to have this information beforehand so you can work with your photographer to obtain the correct permits with plenty of time before your session.

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I hope these tips are helpful as you start thinking through locations. Feel free to reach out if you are still looking for a photographer!

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