Travel - Paris

post 1 of 4 from my recent travels. i have so many photos from this trip so decided to break it up into a few different posts for each of the different places we visited. i flew into brussels to meet up with my friend amy, and the next morning we took a train to paris, so i'll start with all of the photos from paris.

we had no real plans, just wanted to see as many things as we could and discover a tiny piece of what paris had to offer. the first day after dropping our bags off at our AirBnB apartment, we had the most delicious falafel in the jewish quarter. we walked to notre dame, around the louvre, through the tuileries garden, and sat by the pond bird (and people) watching. after that we wandered over to the gallery du lafayette, and went inside, and up to the rooftop for a view of the city. at dusk we headed up to see monte marte, and had a baguette on the subway on the way to see the chainsmokers' concert.

the next day we walked down the champs d'elysees, stopped at La Duree for macarons, and ended up at the arc de triumph. we were going to head to the eiffel tower, but it was pretty chilly so we headed back to our apartment to grab a couple more layers of clothes. while we were there, we spotted a little market next door, and bought from fruits, bread and cheese for lunch. we also picked up some magical crepes to eat back at the apartment. we headed back down to the eiffel tower, and walked around a bit before heading up to the top. we were at the top right when it was getting dark, and the whole city began to light up below us. we got back to our apartment around 9, and realized that we were starving, so we walked until we saw a restaurant to eat at. we had more crepes of course, this time savory & filled with vegetables and delicious sauces. 

we flew out to madrid the next morning! can't wait to visit paris again with more time, there was so much more we could have seen & done. stay tuned for the next parts of my trip: madrid, valencia, belgium & then rwanda!!!