2016 // a year in review

2016. where to begin with this one. it started out with one of my favorite shoots in the desert & ended with games, sparklers & a worship night with some of my favorite people. 

in between were lots of mini road trips (to flagstaff, to a secret canyon in arizona, to the sand dunes & ryan's house in slo, to photo field trip for a second year to see my friend triniti, etc etc), lots of coffee dates and golfing dates and biking dates and random adventure dates with amy while we still lived together, one of my favorite road trips ever up the coast of california with MOLLIE, graduating college, meeting my niece braelynn (!!!!), driving back to colorado with amy and her whole life packed in her car--camping along the way. and then began the few months of flying all over the country for weddings and hanging out with friends and family in colorado & indiana & ohio & nebraska & arizona. in the midst of that i moved out of my house in la mirada and moved into a cute little guest house in brea with two amazing roommates, i started nannying for the most incredible family, & learned how to live post grad as a full time photographer. 

i had the honor of being with some really incredible couples & families on some really important days in their lives, and to all of the clients who trusted me to document their love, thank you thank you thank you. seeing your love & being able to preserve it in these images is a huge privilege. i get most excited about the little in between moments that i photograph, & the way those images make me feel. the sunset, windswept, eyes closed, tight hug, warmth on your face kind of feeling; the look on your face when the ones you love are standing next to you and the beauty is all around you. 

it's also been a hard year. transitioning into post grad life hasn't been without challenges. but through it all i've learned how to trust God in the good & the bad, the heartbreak & the holy. so i move forward into 2017, knowing there is even more goodness & heartbreak & joy & laughter & pain to come, and surrendering my life to the incredible plan that God has for me. can't wait for another year of traveling & settling into home & watching our family continue to grow & leaning deeper into the amazing friendships i have in front of me right now. 

and here are hundreds of photos to recap the year. if you make it to the bottom you are a real hero. (and here are my year in review posts from 2013 & 2015. 2014 is lost somewhere in the internet ;)