when i first started photography, self portraits were a way for me to work out my ideas. i would take my camera out alone, usually into the desert, and learn how to control the light and the landscape and myself to make the images i saw in my head become reality. every year or so, i get this inspiration to go out and, in a way, to document myself as i grow up. i’ve always been fascinated by the passing of time. the way life goes by in a series of grand, sweeping moments that take your breath away, but also in a series of equally important mundane, everyday moments that you might miss if you aren't paying attention. there’s something beautiful & frustrating in the way that you can never go backwards in time, you can never reclaim moments that have already passed you by. and i have to document this time passing by in the only way i know how. to photograph it so that i can remember it happened. so i can remember that i am real & i am changing & i can look back on these images and remember how i felt when i was 23 and standing in the sunset on a saturday afternoon in november.