2015 // a year in review.

put together a little recap of 2015, mostly for myself so that i can remember all the moments and keep them in order as i look back on them. what a year of road tripping (through the desert, to colorado, home to phoenix from indiana), weddings, cruises, family visits//games//laughs, and learning & growing. i lived with some incredible people this year and went to some incredible places and saw my family more times than i have in the past few years. i tried to make more of an effort to document these things that will be so easily forgotten in 20 years.

i'll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves, but now, 6 years into this photography thing i can say that i am entirely captivated by the wild and wonderful and terrible and blurry and grand emotions and stories of the humans that i love and the humans that entrust me to tell their stories. thank you to my friends and family who humor me when i start taking photos of them at the most random times and thank you to my clients who allow me to document some of the most important moments of their lives.