adventure // california to colorado road trip

day01 | may 23
left CA this morning and headed to vegas. our first stop was calico mountains in newberry springs, CA. did a little off roading and ate lunch on the roof of the car. we then headed to henderson, NV to have lunch with our friend Chelsey and her baby Leilah. we did a little exploring around Lake Mead, saw the Hoover Dam, and headed back to Chelsey's house for the night.

day02 | may 24
drove through the corner of arizona this morning before we made it to utah. stopped at fort zion and paid $1 to pet some miniature ponies and alpacas. when we got to zion, there were no campsites available, so we decided to ask some people if we could use the trees in their campsite to hang our hammocks for the night. their names were jacob and rupal and they were visiting from texas. we bought a tarp because it was supposed to rain that night, and then set up camp. afterwards we took the shuttle through zion and hiked to weeping rock and a little ways up the narrows. we ate soup and hot chocolate for dinner and went to bed. 

day03 | may25
woke up early and hiked angel's landing. on the way up we met craig and his uncle gary who were down in zion for the day from provo, UT. we ended up hiking to the top with them. on the way back down, we ran in to jacob and rupal and hiked the rest of the way down with all of our new friends. we packed up camp and headed into springdale to celebrate amy's 21st birthday with pizza and her first drink! we took the scenic route out of zion up the 89N and passed through many small towns, a patch of hail, and beautiful scenery. we saw big rock candy mountain and discovered some abandoned train cars on the road. once we were ready to stop driving, we stumbled upon butch cassidy campground in salina, UT. had a nice hot shower at the campground, and attempted to heat up some more soup. we were the only campers there, until two guys on their motorcycles rolled in. it ended up being a dad and his son who were on a three week trip around the western US from Alberta, Canada. the son, danny, walked over and invited us to sit around their campfire and drink beer (because they had too much). we shared stories about our trips with each other and enjoyed some laughs together. 

day04 | may 26
it rained all night (good thing we had a tarp!) so we packed up camp a little early and headed out. we drove across I-70 and then down to arches national park. took a scenic drive through the park on our way to the trailhead for the delicate arch. had a pb&j in the parking lot and hiked up to the arch. on our way back down we got caught in a thunderstorm and ran the rest of the way to the car. we were drenched. after another scenic drive back through arches, we headed to moab for some local coffee. we found a campground in moab to set up for the night. the wind blew another storm through right after we finished setting up our tarp and hammocks. we had to grab our hammocks and take cover in the car. once the storm passed we ate a dinner of avocado, salsa, chips, and an apple with peanut butter. we went back into moab to walk around the main street, and picked up a few souvenirs and some delicious ice cream. we thought another big storm was coming through that night, so we started out sleeping in the car. i woke up in the middle of the night and moved my hammock back outside until morning. 

day05 | may 27
we took another scenic drive from moab back to the I-70. we hit colorado and stopped to hike to hanging lake. we had another pb&j in the parking lot. it was a short but steep hike up to the lake with lots of waterfalls on the way. after our hike we drove through the mountains to amy's mountain house in silver plume, CO. we had pasta and wine for dinner and went to bed early. 

day06 | may 28
today we are enjoying a relaxing day in the mountains. woke up late and had pancakes and coffee on the patio for breakfast.