2013 // a year in review

2013 came and went so so quickly. it was a year full of joy and sadness and laughter and adventure. some highlights:: traveled to isla mujeres and san cristobal, mexico. joined adventure club and went backpacking for the first (and second) time. took a greyhound bus from los angeles to phoenix for the first (and last) time. took pictures of beards (among other things). visited the zoo. documented new (and old) life. welcomed a new cousin into the family. photographed my first (and hopefully not last!) wedding. went to colorado. road tripped from minnesota to los angeles. started my sophomore year of college. went to zion national park. went to the beach. went to class (a lot). built a house for art. cut my hair for art. slept outside for art. (did a lot of things for art). joined cross fit. turned 20. drove home. got bangs. watched my brother propose to his girlfriend (she said yes).

to all the beautiful people i was able to photograph this year: thank you. thank you for allowing me to document life just as it is happening. i learned so much about capturing your light and love this year and hope to do it for many more years to come.

that about sums it up. here's to another year of love and adventure and exploring. happy new year.

and a year in pictures--->