living in rwanda // going home.


home. after 4 long days of traveling, and then the weekend in indiana, i am officially home! i had planned to get home on friday and surprise everyone over the weekend. but then i got stuck in uganda and ended up having to spend the night there; and by the time i got to brussels all of the saturday flights were full so i had to spend the night there too. so what should have taken only 24 hours actually took me four days! such is life, always an adventure.

God did so many amazing things while i was in Rwanda and i saw his miracles every day. i saw his miracles when the sun rose and the kids laughed outside my window in the morning; when the babies smiled and cried and played and grew; i saw his miracles in the way that the women learned and loved God and strengthened relationships; when isaac was so excited to tell his family and friends about Jesus; and in the friendship that isaac and theoneste and emmanuel and shema had. a little piece of my heart will always belong to rwanda. i will never forget my time there. i will be back though, to see how the sun rises and the babies grow and the boys become taller than me and the women fall in love with Jesus every day.

thank you to everyone who prayed and supported me through this trip. to my family and friends who had to suffer without me for 7 months ;) to the people who sent me letters and sweet packages. and to chad and kortney who welcomed me to their home in rwanda and let me be a part of their lives for the last 7 months. i miss you already!