living in rwanda // all that i am will serve you Lord

oh you bring hope to the hopeless, and light to those in the darkness, and death to life
now i'm alive
oh you give peace to the restless and joy to homes that are broken, i see you now
in you i'm found
and you opened the door for me and you lay down your life to set me free
all that i am will serve you Lord

with the extra money that we had from the sew rwanda parties, we decided to give a goat to the family of each woman who has been coming to our Bible study. we were able to purchase and give out 25! we went in the morning to find each lady. in the meantime, chantal was working on finding 25 goats and getting them to the Bible study. we had a list made of the women who have been coming faithfully to Bible study, participating in our discussions, and really learning and growing in their faith.  there was a lot of waiting around while we were trying to find all of the women. so of course, we had to do some singing!

here come the goats...some needed to take a break to have a little snack.

meanwhile inside...realization that it was a special day started to set in. dancing ensued.

each lady received a number and as the goats came in, we drew a number to see who would be the next person to receive a goat!

everyone was so excited to receive their gift, and they were all singing and praising God.

the gift of a goat is a huge gift to be able to give to these families. they can use it for fertilizer, milk, cheese, meat; and when they have babies, they can sell them for extra income for the family. what a special day and a special surprise! thank you to everyone who helped make this possible :)