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something a little different today..the story of my blog's name.

isaiah 58 talks about how the israelites had taken their special days and sabbaths and turned them into something they shouldn’t have. “they act just like a nation that does what is right, that obeys the commands of its God.” but they were only acting. their lives had become all about the ritual. a day where they thought they were doing everything God wanted them to. they had become numb to the way it was supposed to feel, supposed to be done. and God told them it wasn’t what he wanted. He didn’t want them to just bow their heads like plants and wear certain clothing and go to a certain building and say a certain thing. He wanted them to move past the rituals, and do something about it. He wanted His love to fill them up so full that they didn’t just move through the motions of “worship”. He wanted his love to fill them up so it had to spill out onto others. onto the poor, and the hungry and the broken, and the wounded. and i pray that i never fall into the ritual of just praying a certain prayer and going to church on a certain day. i never want to become numb to the feeling of God’s love. i pray that God’s love fills me up so full that his light seeps out from somewhere deep inside me

like the morning sun

. that people who walk by are forced to take a second look, because the light that is shining from inside my soul is so bright that they can’t look away. i want them to see the God inside of me. the God that quenches my thirst when i am walking through the desert, when everything around me is empty and dry. and i want to be so full of this living water (John 4), the ever quenching love that is Christ, that it spills over. onto all of the hungry, the broken, the ones who have nothing, the ones who have everything except for what they really need. “and you will be like a garden that has much water, like a spring that never runs dry. your people will rebuild the old cities that are now in ruins; you will rebuild their foundations. you will be known for repairing the broken places and for rebuilding the roads and houses.” and maybe one day after the cracks in the broken houses and roads have been filled; broken hearts can be filled as well. i can be such a light to other people that one day the cracks in their heart and the broken parts of their lives may be slowly filled and molded and healed with a love that can only come from God.

read isaiah 58 here.