living in rwanda // update

a few weeks ago, while my aunt was visiting, we took the sewing group out to lunch at "shakeys." it is a traditional rwandan restaurant--self service; with fries, rice, spaghetti, boiled potatoes, beans, squash, spinach, and some other food. for the buffet and a soda, the total cost comes to $2 per person! this was their first time to eat in a restaurant ever! they were so excited and were laughing and chatting the whole way there.

the group at shakeys---my aunt and i carried babies on our backs on the walk there. it was fun!

in other sewing news...the ladies are getting better and better everyday! they are really excited to learn and are working really hard.

all our little babies are growing up so fast! fidelity is now 8 months old, and can stand up without even pulling herself up on anything..she has such good balance. she'll be walking before we know it!  jocelyn is nearly 3 months and is always a content, happy baby.

little adolf just turned a year old and is crawling like crazy! every time we turn around he is into something. him and fidelity are quickly becoming best friends, although they like to make each other cry.

the twins are getting bigger and stronger every day and they love laughing and smiling! they hang out on their blankets in the grass under the shade of their umbrella every day. for 5 months old, they are still tiny; but we have seen them really grow in the time that we've known them. and i can still never remember which twin is which!