living in rwanda // bible study & street kids

life has been crazy busy lately, with the women coming over 3 times a week for sewing, our Bible study, and visiting the boys...we barely have a free second of time! i haven't even taken many photos lately, so i will leave you with a few stills from a video that we took of the women in our sewing group, which now has the name, "Sew Rwanda."

also, a photo of me with the boys on their first day of school. school has been back in session for about a month now, and all four are doing great! from left to right: theoneste loves being at school! he has made some great friends and is really getting more comfortable around all of the other kids. he is also getting a lot better with his english! shema is doing well in his first month of school. he was supposed to be going into grade 5 at public school, but tested into grade 3 at wisdom. he is still settling in to his classes, and working hard to catch up on things that he needs to know for grade 3, but is so thankful that he is able to go to wisdom school with his friends. isaac is getting great grades, and is really enjoying being back at school! he has started a Bible study all on his own and studies his homework with a group of kids after classes are over. we are so proud of him, and miss having him at our house! and emmanuel has had a complete turn around since the first day. he was one of the tougher street kids, with little respect or discipline. when we dropped him off a month ago, he was really having a hard time and didn't want to listen at all. now, the headmaster says he is one of the best boys, and he is getting really good grades as well!