living in rwanda // this seed i've received i must sow.

i have so many pictures and stories from when my family visited us, but i just had to share an amazing story from today.

 during our discussion time in Bible study today, someone asked how God forgives us. that question opened the door for us to talk about salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life. we answered questions and read some verses from john, romans, and first john. at the end of our discussion we prayed together and then said that anyone was welcome to come pray with us if they wanted to give their lives over to Christ. every single one of the women got in line. some had already accepted Christ as their Savior, and 23 more of them gave their lives to Christ today. please pray for these new children of God, that they will continue to grow in their faith and seek God in everything that they do in their lives.


the hurt is deep, but the light shines brighter still. and now they have Jesus. as i listened to them pour out some of their deepest hurts and needs, i was thankful that their hearts had been opened to receive the gift that God had given them. Jesus. the only One who can take away their hurts and fears and worries and give them joy and peace and comfort in return. so today, with the sun shining down and the breath of God whispering through the air and the sound of laughter and singing and kids playing in the background; 23 women and girls became children of God. catherine, patrice, anatalie, vestine, odette, claudine, consolette, jen, patricia, claudine, angelique, mary claire, lachal, claudine, ejani, damarce, lachal, claudine, diana, olive, beatrice, solange, and olive--angels are rejoicing in heaven today because of what you have done. and I know that He is smiling.

this is my prayer in the harvest, when favor and providence flow
i know i'm filled to be emptied again
this seed i've received i must sow.