living in rwanda // our life lately.

these past few weeks have been so busy! but in a good way :) here are some photos from what we have been up to. after our english class, we headed down to kigali to pick up my family from the airport!

we opened some christmas gifts.
played with the car that isaac made.
my aunt and grandpa helped isaac fix his bike.
we had bible study.
we sorted (and ate) beans.
bought some fruits and vegetables at the market.
sat on the porch.
visited lake kivu in gisenyi.
worked on our card project with the women.
did the round up :)
played with our new jump ropes. 
ate candy canes (and pretended like they were umbrellas).
then headed back down to kigali. we woke at sunrise to go on a safari in akagera national park.

then back to the airport for my family to head home. it was a great visit and i miss everyone already! we have been very busy since then getting the boys to school, having bible study, and working on more projects with the women.

thanks to my aunt for taking several of these photos :)