living in rwanda // bible study in musanze

our Bible study is growing into something bigger than we could have ever imagined. just two months ago, we started our Bible study with only 5 women. every thursday, we make the 30 minute walk--rain or shine. and for a while, there was more rain than shine. now that rainy season is over, it is a long, hot walk. sometimes, when there are hands reaching from every direction and needs coming out of every corner; it can be overwhelming. but we press on, because we know that God can provide and that He will fill these beautiful women with a peace and a hope for their future. it is so worth it. just a few weeks ago, 23 women accepted Christ and are hungry to know more about their Savior. this week we had over 40 women attend the study. it was a special day, as we had some visitors from canada with us. our Bible study turned into a clinic, an eye exam, a dance party, and an amazing time to praise our God together. you can't help but see God everywhere in these moments. and I am so thankful that He is bigger than anything we could ever know.