living in rwanda // 5 things i love about rwanda.

>>1. the fact that we have to walk everywhere. we would miss out on so much of God's creation; the beautiful scenery and the cute little faces that follow us wherever we are.


>>2. the kids. there is never an absence of kids here. we are beginning to recognize and be able to greet them by name, which they love. it's so cool to be able to get to know them and learn more about them everytime we pass by. there is a  little girl who lives near us who always greets us when we walk by. she can't be more than three years old. when we go to shake her hand and say hi, she always interrupts us with "fine thank you okay!" -- the only 3 words she knows in english. it is the cutest thing ever!


>>3. isaac. his whole face lights up everytime he smiles; he is the most full of life 13 year old that i know. his love for life and fun and God overflows in everything that he does. it is amazing to watch him learn and grow in his faith, and to be an example to the other kids around.


>>4. theoneste. he's quiet, and often keeps to himself. he is sometimes sad; but when he laughs it is infectious. his prayer request the other day was for wisdom and happiness from God. so i pray that he continues to remember to choose joy, even when it seems like there is no joy to be found.


>>5. our bible study. we just started a Bible study with some women who live nearby. i am thankful for madeline, julienne, angelique, chantal, donatha, charlotte, and solange;  and the opportunity we have to love them, pray for them, and learn with them.

i could list so many more things here that i love about rwanda; [hearing the sound of voices singing praises to God, the rain, learning to speak kinyarwanda, and the funny things that edward says to make us laugh everyday]. i am amazed by the things that God is doing here everyday and am thankful for the time i have to spend here.