living in rwanda // isaac.

first guitar lesson with isaac :) 

isaac is staying with us while his school is on break. he is being sponsored to attend a Christian boarding school nearby. before he started school this year, he had been living in his house alone for three years with no parents or supervision. chad and kortney met him one day on the street and began building a relationship with him. he speaks great english and was a big help to them in town. as they got to know him and learn more of his story, they wanted to do something to help. they decided to help him attend school nearby. he attended for one term, took the exams, and was promoted to p4! while he is on break we are going to be helping him get ready for next year. we have been doing lots of fun things together already and have lots more planned for the rest of the break. it is a blessing to be able to share Christ with him and be the Godly influences that he needs in his life.