living in rwanda // edward the gardener

We moved out of our old house on Monday. On Sunday, Edward (our gardener) wanted to take some photos with his garden. He put on his gardening clothes, his gum boots, and his gloves and got to work. It was by far the funniest photoshoot I have ever done. He says the funniest things and makes us laugh all the time.

Some recent "Edward-isms":

While we were playing Phase Ten, one of us went out and went ahead of the others: "You are two people in different boats. Your boat is like a canoe way in the back."

While we were eating dinner and talking about fish: "The brain of a fish makes people have a high iq. I enjoy taking the brain of a fish because it makes me have a high iq."

While talking about theives: "If a thief comes in the night, I will just squeeze him like a blanket, and he will go away."

While looking at a picture: "You should drink tea and eat pizza and chapati to celebrate because there is so much love. There is 70% love." (I'm not sure what happened to the other 30%!)

I will post pictures of my new room soon!