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Natalie Crane is a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Phoenix, and Southern California. Adventurous, intimate, elopement weddings, mountaintop engagements, unique wedding photographer. Destination wedding photographer. 

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personal // movement


we are chasing the wind. running and grabbing at something that is always out of reach. words trickle out of mouths and into our ears but we can never hear enough. our eyes can never see enough and our hands can never do enough. we are all reaching for something that is unattainable. yet we keep trying, because we know that one day we will catch it. the wind blows right through our fingertips, but when we close our hand, it is still empty. sometimes the wind blows hard and we fall down. it swirls around us in a chaos that is strangely poetic. but then relief blows quietly and we finally have the strength to rise up again and dig our soles into the ground, running hard to catch up. when we fell down the wind rushed by, but we can never fall too far behind. even if we stop chasing it, it will blow by again in the quiet of the night when we least expect it. and we know that it has been there waiting for us, unfailingly. there is always a movement in the air. a reminder of where we are going. what we are chasing after. who we are chasing after. and one day, if we don't give up, we will catch it.